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Karlee Bursach

Favorite Quote:

"Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, and the way you make others feel is your trademark."

Greatest Achievement:

Buying a house and starting a family!

Cool Facts:

  • I can find anyone's belly button on the first poke!
  • I've been bit by a snake and live to tell the tale!
  • I am a Billy Joel fanatic!
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Karlee's Story

My name is Karlee Bursach, Hiring Expert here at ApplicantPro. I help Property Management companies that are struggling to find qualified applicants for their open jobs. My objective is to help each of my clients create a continuous flow of qualified pre-screened candidates so they can change hiring from a headache into a competitive advantage.

Overwhelmingly, I hear that not getting enough qualified applicants is the number one hiring pain in the Property Management industry. Low applicant flow leads to poor hires, and poor hires leads to low-quality care and turnover. My knowledge of what has worked for thousands of clients can help your company improve its hiring results!

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We started out by offering DIY hiring software to larger companies.

For the first 13 years, we provided our hiring software for bigger companies. They used our software for a combination of sourcing, applicant tracking, compliance reporting, and team collaboration. The one thing that our bigger clients had was one or more full-time people whose sole job was to drive the hiring process.

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We realized small businesses needed something different for them to pay for talent.

As we spent more and more time with small business owners and managers, we realized that what we offered bigger employers wasn’t delivering enough value to small businesses. It wasn't that our software wasn't good... the issue was that they were so small that they didn’t have a dedicated person over hiring. What's more, a lot of times in their haste to get things going, they would cut corners and use a bad job ad, or not set up proper screening questions. In the end they either didn't get enough applicants or they were overwhelmed with unqualified candidates. Simply put, it wasn't working.

You don't need software, you need help hiring.

We finally realized that they didn’t need software, or another job board, what they needed was access to a professional. A dedicated Hiring Pro who knew their industry inside and out, and who would act as an extension of their team. This provided them the ability to get a consistent drumbeat of new applicants flowing into their system, while allowing them to login at the point of interview to a pool of pre-screened, qualified candidates.

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We found our calling and passion.

At the end of the day, we love working with employers of all sizes... but our hearts belong to the small business owners. As the economy is going through massive chaotic shifts and changes, it's really the small business owners where we can make the biggest impact not just on their ability to find candidates but also their ability to grow and scale their business through their teams. Our goal is to help even the smallest company win the talent competition to turn hiring into a competitive advantage for their company or their business.

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